Mothers give life to children, Blogs give life to ideas. I m indeed lucky that the birth of my blog coincides with the auspicious mother’s day. (Although I personally believe that every day is my mum’s day). Needless to say, mothers are the most wonderful creation of god. They are a kind of support system that never fails. Whatever you do, wherever you go, amongst all uncertainties, one thing is always certain:- your mum is with you in your heart and she is supporting you in every possible way. Whenever in any problem a child first remembers his/her mother. Even when the whole world is against us our mum never leaves our side. Just a stroke of mumma’s beautiful hands can ease out all the tensions and worries in any person. And that is the magic of our mum…!!

Mother’s day is nothing but a day when we express our…

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When thoughts overflow you and you lack the resources to pen them down is when you face mental abuse at its worst. Not that anyone has stopped you from writing, but that you have stopped yourself.

Time. Priorities. Chance.

No excuse can excuse the self-pain inflicted on you by your own self. And it is this time when you find yourself weakening. Because your strength- your words and your pen- have both been nullified of their impact and the culprit is none other than you. So what do you exactly do to come out of this self-inflicted misery?

Pen down your thoughts. Simple and straight. Bad or good. Whatever. Just pen down all those overflowing emotions and if not a masterpiece, you will at least get a memoir of thousand feelings and an ocean of emotions with you. Can things get better? I probably doubt.

This is the magic of words. This is the magic of loving something which is entirely yours (Your pen :0) to the extreme. It is this fascination for writing which often heals up the most brutal wounds of my heart and soothes and calms down my super turbulent mind. Writing is the abstract of my life. Writing is in me and I am in writing; and it is not outside praise, but mere self-satisfaction which encourages me to write more and more. Often I, like anyone else, wonder why my efforts don’t ever get what they deserve, but then what more can they ever get than a heart full of gratitude and a turbulent mind thanking it every now and then for the peace it provides!! Indeed self-satisfaction is the ultimate bliss of our world and I feel honored to posses it in the present state of mind!

In the past few months I had almost left my blog abandoned. A busy year ahead means that my blog will soon be facing this abandoned state again. I am well aware that every blogger faces this ‘less time and more commitments’ phase and this is why I thought of sharing my views on not being able to write something you are really passionate about. I think that a person should never stop writing. Each of my readers will agree that we can release our stress upto a large extent by merely penning down our thoughts. So, however busy you might get, make sure that you never retire from the business of penning down your thoughts……Thank you for reading my post and all the best for writing out your heart!!



Here is another article I had written for a competition on the topic ‘Discovering the hero within myself’

“Hero”…I personally define the word as a person’s ability to change or influence the world he or she lives in for the better. Seeing the world at decline in almost every aspect, it kind of becomes necessary to have more and more heroes amongst ourselves who could stand for a good cause and eradicate our problems. After all, just like Swami Vivekananda had once quoted, “Society does not go down because of the activities of the criminals, but because of the inactivity of the good people.” Let us not be one amongst the big lot of good people who are drowning our society by their inactivity. Let us, instead, be one amongst the few people who, by their activeness, spontaneity and involvement are proving to be the true ‘heroes’ of our society.

A few months ago, when I heard about the PM’s Swachh Bharat campaign, and how it believed that everyone should help in cleaning our India, I wondered if my help would really matter. PM wanted everyone to be involved in this; he wanted to stop people from dirtying our India, but except a few active citizens, no one actually followed his words. At such a situation, would I being active or inactive have any effect on the cleanliness of my country? While I was debating in my mind whether to join this noble program and contribute to it or not, I came across this beautiful quote by Gandhiji, “Whatever you will do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” These words by our Mahatma enlightened me. I decided to join the program and give my best to keep my India clean as far as possible. Henceforth I have always ensured that I never throw any piece of garbage on my holy motherland and I have persuaded people around me to do the same.

This incident aided me in seeing the vast potential that rests with me. Every decision I take has some or the other impact on the society I live in. Each small action taken by me for the welfare of my country, or society in general, amplifies itself, and the final impact of my trivial actions is colossal indeed. My education, my occupation, my etiquettes, my thinking and my everything has the potential to show massive effects on my society. Just like all the things around us are made up of infinite atoms, our society is made up of infinite peopl…and I have got the opportunity to be one amongst those people whose actions affect the whole society! Now that might sound like an exaggeration, but that actually shows how important I, as an individual, am to the society.

This was all about discovering the ‘hero’ within myself. After realizing the immense ability in me to influence the world around me, after discovering the hero within me, I feel full of responsibility. Where each action by me grows up to become a turning point for my world, shouldn’t my actions always be correct? Well, there is yet no complete definition of the word correct. So what should my actions be if not ‘always correct’? The solution to this question came to me from the ‘hero’ within me…the simplest answer is…’all my actions should be from my heart and should all aim at nurturing the other heart.’ So now that sums up all the things. I resolve to ensure from now that everything I do will be from my heart and will be for the betterment of my society, that is, for nurturing other hearts. I hope that the newly discovered hero within me stays alive and lives to fight against each social evil at my level.

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‘Twas a colorful heart thought she

And fell in for the taste of love she

Little did she ever knew,

The colorful world as it looked…

…was grey as grey could be

And trapped her bad as bad could be.

Seconds came and seconds flew away

Without a second of peace…continued she.

For she had fallen to add colors to her barren life,

But all she ever got was darkness, wherever she arrived.

“Bleeding heart”, pleaded then she….

kneeling on her knee…

…And cried aloud , “From this cruel grey world…

…Let me free!!!”

–Pritha Bhattacharya


Finally a post after a long time. Below I share an article which I had written for a competition. Since the competetion had a word limit, I could not elaborate my thoughts. So the below article gives a jist of my thoughts and these thoughts will be elaborated by my in  subsequent posts.

‘You have to dream before your dreams come true’ said Dr. Kalam. I dream for my India to be a highly moral country abiding to its culture and constitution while at the same time providing advanced global lifestyle to all its citizens. I have always believed that a country can develop in true senses only when all of its citizens march towards development together and in a pre-planned path. Developing just a particular section of society can never be counted as national development. Thus if living standards of Indians are to be raised, we need to start first by bringing the population surviving without basic facilities at par with the population already equipped with basic facilities while at the same time continuing to develop the latter. This will enable us to develop both the two broad sections of population without stagnating the growth of either one. India, as of now, needs massive growth in many different socio-economic fronts according to me.

India needs to cope up fast with the raising standards of this high-tech global world. Although one usually finds many Indians appointed in important positions in big techno-companies, the actual technical advancement of our own country is quite low. I want my India to be as technically developed as other countries and I believe that this can only be achieved by at first adopting the foreign technology and then developing our own. The newly emerging start-up culture in India can be a great aid to this whole process. Start-ups are usually more willing to take risks than the established companies. It would indeed be beneficial if a majority of these start-ups could be directed towards technical enhancement of our country. These small emerging companies can earn a lot of profit for themselves and at the same time help in the progress of nation by carrying technology to remote locations. Setting up free WiFi zones in rural areas, spreading the use of internet, making people aware of the significance of imbibing technology in daily life, creating advanced irrigation systems, providing basic electricity to all villages and reducing the frequent power cuts, enabling easy commutation and communication, introducing technical education and raising the basic existing education level are few of the many things in which start-ups can greatly contribute. Moreover such start-ups helping the nation must be financially aided by the government and other companies and entrepreneurs should be encouraged to do the same. The recently launched Digital India Program is indeed a big step towards the technological enhancement of our country. This trend should be continued positively till the day when our dear India emerges itself as a techno-giant country.

The next most important point in the developing my dream India is retaining the guiding principles of our culture and constitution even after technical and infrastructural developments. India has always been a secular country by all practical means and has supported diverse cultures ever since its formation as an independent nation. Secularism essentially means separating the working of government from culture. The government should not be biased to any one culture so as to ensure peace and unity of the country. Recently, Indian secularism stood challenged after the passing of the Beef Ban. Many democrats and thinkers all over the globe declared Indian secularism as a hypocrisy after this ban. While I certainly don’t believe secularism in my country to be hypocrisy, this ban indeed challenged my beliefs to great levels. Paulo Coelho, in his book ‘Alchemist’ says, “What goes inside the mouth is not evil, what comes out of it is”. Well, I can’t agree more. Our government hasn’t got rights to put bans on food habits of people and when such decisions lead to challenging of our secularism, they should indeed be avoided. Next, equality is also an important element of our constitution. India and all its Indians should strive to practice equality in everyday life. Although social discriminations based on stereotypes, prejudices and culture and traditions have reduced, they still do exist. I want my India to be completely free of any such discrimination. I want people to think highly about themselves and about each other. I want everyone to have broad thinking and acceptance and tolerance of other’s ideals and beliefs. Although these ‘wants’ of mine are somewhat abstract, these can be fulfilled by imbibing such thinking in the children from a very early age. If Indian children grow up to believe in the ideals of our constitution, it would be really easy to inculcate values of religious acceptance and tolerance and social equality in them. Also Indians should be taught to have pride in our own culture. These days it isn’t uncommon to see youngsters get fascinated by the western cultures. We need not really stop this fascination, but we do need to limit it. India is known for its diverse culture worldwide. If we lose our revered culture due to such foreign influences, we would not only be destroying our very roots of existence but also devastating a vast field of opportunities in the tourism sector. People from different parts of the world come to India to get a spice of Indian culture. If this very culture is damaged or influenced, then the tourism sector will greatly suffer. Tourism contributes an important part of our economy and we certainly need to preserve it.

Above I have mentioned two of the many important aspects of my dream India. I have so often dreamt of my perfect India that there are indeed many aspects of it. Although I couldn’t deal with many important aspects above I do believe that my dream India will soon develop. Lastly I would like to mention the other aspects of my Dream India. Apart from technology and infrastructure, healthcare and educational sectors also need massive development. We actually need to change the very approach to health care and education in India. Major issues like poverty and corruption should be fought against with sincerity and subsequently eliminated. Feeling of patriotism in each and every Indian should be developed and people should be taught to serve the nation while serving themselves at the same time. We should all realize our importance in the development of our nation and strive to work for it. Dr. Kalam had a seen a dream for our Vision India. Although he isn’t physically alive amongst us now, we should all promise to shed every drop of our sweat for our dear nation and achieve our Vision India as soon as possible.


Our lives are so full of challenges. Each challenge is an adventure in itself. It is these challenges which help us enjoy our lives and stay out of its monotony. Just imagine a single day when you have got nothing to do, that uncalled idleness just adds to our melancholy and leaves us miserable. Although all of us crave to finish our respective works and sit and relax, it is actually our work and the challenges we encounter while working which keep our lives moving. Life undoubtedly gives us numerous challenges, but, do we need to encounter them all? Do we need to win them all? How do we prioritize our challenges??

Well, I believe that to win some challenges of our lives, we need to lose some others. People say that winning is a habit. But according to me, people who always win in each and every challenge of their lives are not winners. Winners are the people who know when and where they need to win and when and where they need to lose. Thus, pre-planned defeat in a challenge is actually the first step towards a big win. Let me explain myself.

Many a times we encounter moral challenges in our lives when we can’t actually decide as to what is right and what is wrong because both the things seem right to us. In such situations, to chose one thing above the other means losing a challenge to win the other. It is just a matter of prioritizing as to winning which challenge matters the most to us.

This analogy of losing to win can be applied to many other situations. Many people crave to be an all-rounder. Knowing to do everything appears to balance a person’s personality. But according to me, being an all-rounder is practically a myth. It is just like trying to win every challenge in our life. When we try to do everything we end up doing nothing. I am not trying to profess the age-old proverb ‘Jack of all Master of none.’ Rather, I believe that a person with jack of all traits can also be a master of all traits. But what I mean to say is, being a master of all traits won’t help us achieve our most desired trait.

To excel in studies, a person may have to stop being a master in dance. While to excel in co-curricular activities, a person may have to stop excelling in studies. And, the reason is simple. Achieving and continuing mastery in any field requires time and devotion to that ‘one thing’. Quite unfortunately, our time is limited and it never stops. So, trying to give the required time and devotion to all things isn’t practical. One should rather prioritize out a single thing or a few related things which mean the most to our lives. This will ensure the proper utilization of our time to ‘win’ our most desired challenge while simultaneously ‘lose’ the other not-so-important challenges.

So, losing a dance competition to achieve your desired job actually means losing a challenge to win the other. Similarly, losing your job for the love of your life means winning your life by losing it. This might appear a bit clumsy, but one needs to understand its importance to sustain life. After all, all of us live in this world to enjoy our life and make the most of it. So should we not try to do what we actually want to do?

I believe that this ‘lose to win’ analogy can change our lives to make the most of it. We just need to realize its importance and its application. And once we are successful is doing so…there is no stopping to our success.

A Little Man Once Fell In Love With a Little Woman

A somewhat emotional story with a hilarious end. Hats off to the author!! 🙂

Sit Back and Starve

Let me tell you a story about little people.

Once there lived a happy village of little people–people so little they weren’t bigger than the grains of sand on the seashore. This happened a long time ago in a time nobody can remember now except me, but this little tale nevertheless happened–as sure as the little hand of the clock moves as I speak–and I tell it to you now before I lose its beautiful memory like the unfortunate others.

In this little town of little people lived a little, simple man who fell in love with the most beautiful little woman in the village. To say that the gap between the two was heaven and earth would be cliche but it’s nonetheless accurate, for the little man had little to nothing in life and the little beautiful woman had plenty of beautiful things besides her beautiful face.

Without any…

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